Hakuba Real Estate

We founded Hakuba Hotel Group in 2012 and have spent the last 10 years developing dozens of assets including hotels, chalets, apartment complexes and restaurants. Our multilingual team are experts in all things Hakuba and we are perfectly positioned to aide in your Hakuba real estate journey.

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Land & Property Acquisition

Whether you’re interested in a turn key property or land for a new build, we can facilitate the purchase process through our fully licensed partner company.

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Project Management

With decades of experiences managing projects of all scales in The Hakuba Valley, our multi-lingual team is perfectly positioned to ensure your dream chalet is built with the utmost care on schedule. Our services include:

  • Pre-purchase feasibility
  • Land development approvals
  • Concept, design, and construction
  • Furniture fitting

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Property Management & Sales Distribution


  • 大規模流通ネットワーク
  • 白馬での幅広い経験
  • 国際品質・衛生基準
  • 専門家のチーム
  • HHGインフラへのアクセス
  • お得な料金
  • BMWのようなメージャーなブランドとのプライム・パートナーシップ
  • 実績と高い賃貸利回り
  • すべてのHHG物件でのオーナー特典

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Properties for Sale