Jeep Shuttle Service

This season Hakuba Hotel Group is partnering with Jeep Japan to deliver exciting added value to our guests. All guests staying in one of our ultra-luxe Chalets will enjoy complimentary Jeep transfers to our 6 group restaurants and to Happo One Resort. Guests can also add a private Jeep transfer from Nagano Station to their booking. The journey between Tokyo and Hakuba could not be more comfortable, quick, enjoyable and safe.



In order to use this service in Hakuba, scan the laminated QR code in your chalet and message us on your preferred application (Line, Facebook Messenger or SNS). A member of our team will respond within minutes to arrange your transportation.

Nagano Station to Hakuba Resort Packages

Guests can purchase packages including Jeep shuttle service between Nagano Station and Hakuba by simply emailing us at [email protected] or by filling out the form below.


Jeep Shuttle Service is Inclusive in these Bookings